The Big Island has a rich and vibrant cultural and natural history.

Did you know that the Big Island of Hawai'i alone has 11 of the possible 13 types of microclimates found on our planet? Just a visit to
Volcanoes National Park is like visiting another planet altogether.

Located just 90 miles from Hale Mele Kohola, you may be able to view the current lava flow or you can learn more about Hawaii's explosive history at the Kilauea Visitor Center.

The center offers indoor and outdoor activities for visitors of all ages, but of course nothing compares to a night-time walk to watch the lava flow into the sea. Visit the park's website for more information.

Don't forget to visit the nearby
Volcano Art Centerto see beautiful creations inspired by Madame Pele herself.

Twenty minutes from Hale Mele Kohola is the
Place of Refuge (Pu'uhonua o Honaunau) national park.  The Place of Refuge is an historical park set on ancient Hawaiian spiritual grounds. It is great place to walk, swim, picnic, snorkel, kayak, paddle, or just rest on the beach and contemplate in solitude. The Place of Refuge also hosts local festivals to recreate and celebrate native Hawaiian culture.

Directions, hours, and current activities can be found at the Place of Refuge website.

Also unique to the island is St. Benedict's Roman Catholic Church, known to locals as "The Painted Church." St. Benedict is a national historical landmark and is just down the road from Hale Mele Kohola! The captivating interior was painted by a Belgian priest in the 19th century.

Of course, the best exploring is often done without an itinerary, but if you are still looking for places to visit, a small selection of guidebooks can be found in our library at Hale Mele Kohola.

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